Traveling With a Baby

There are times when it is necessary to travel with an infant especially when there is an emergency that requires your attention or when you simply want to take some time away from your usual surroundings. If this is the first time you will be traveling with your child, you will be nervous as you do not know what to do to make it easier for your baby. Here are some tips that will make your travel with a newborn more comfortable:

  • Convenient feeding: when traveling with your baby, you should ensure that the baby does miss his meals. If the baby is still in the breastfeeding phase, ensure that he is breastfed when the need arises. If you are using alternative feeding such as formula packs, ensure that you do not forget any of the items that will be required for the feeding. If the baby is at an age when he will be taking solid foods, make the necessary arrangements so that you can make the journey as comfortable as possible.
  • Safety: if you will be traveling by flight, do not feed your baby when flying as this will make the baby get earaches. You should also use window shades to protect the baby from direct sunlight. Items such as paracetamol, nose drop, teething gel, and colic treatment should not be forgotten as they will be of help in case an emergency occurs. If the baby will be using a baby’s car seat, ensure that is has been properly fastened away from the airbag.
  • Make the baby comfortable: before the day planned for the travel, ensure that your baby has had enough rest and is well hydrated. Carry some toys with you on the day of travel so that your baby will be engaged for the most part of the journey. If you will be traveling by air, you can take a walk with him on the plane, train or car if possible. There should also be a place where you will be able to lay him down when he needs to rest and throw his legs up.
  • Follow the baby’s routine: During your travel, ensure that the baby will not skin any of the routines such as feeding and napping. This will make it easier for the baby to adapt to the satiation and will be less bothersome.
  • Make accommodation arrangements in advance: your baby will be extremely tired after the journey especially if you were travelling on a long distance. Having a place ready when you arrive will be convenient for the baby as he will be able to rest after the journey.

After a long journey with your baby, it will be important to allow the baby to rest before embarking on a return journey. A few nights to allow the baby to sleep and get the much-needed rest will ensure that the journey back will more comfortable. The most important requirement for a baby when traveling is feeding, where the food that he is used to should be used. If you will be using a travel bed for your baby, make him sleep on it for a number of nights before the travel.



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